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World On Wheels - WOW!

WOWYou may or may not know, Mike #25490 and Denise Ferris, have been very busy over the past year or so, in conjunction with a Sydney production company, putting together a 6-part television series called World On Wheels (WOW). It has already aired in Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand, it's been shown in-flight on Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Jetstar, and now it's our turn for the Australia-wide premier. The 7 Network have picked up the program and will be slotting it into Sunday afternoons.

Starting October 6th at 1:00pm, 7Mate will screen WOW for 6 consecutive Sundays. It's early days, but 7 has already alluded to the possibility of a re-run in 2014 in more of a prime-time viewing slot, if the initial response to the series is favourable. They recognise the opportunity for a home-grown motorcycling show to carve a niche in mainstream television.

That's where you come in. Mike & Denise wants everyone who owns a helmet (and even your friends who don't!) to watch World On Wheels and if you like it, phone Channel 7 and ask them to repeat it next year in a mid-week prime time slot  -- 7:30pm Tuesdays would be good!

Get behind this push to bring motorcycling into Australia's television mainstream!
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